Nithin's Heart Attack Review

Analysis: The movie story line is very thin and Puri has concentrated only on the characterization of hero in the movie rather than the story. The first half looks like something different but later on the second half goes routine as expected. Movie is good in pieces. A predictable weak story without any punch dialogues. Comedy is average. Brahmanandam’s Titanic comedy is hilarious.

Nithin: Nithin has impressed with his performance. He looks stylish and his costumes are good. They are no dance moments at all from Nithin.

Adah Sharma: She has been glamorous and has more role to perform.
Songs:  All songs are good and romantic. ‘Nuvvante Naaku’ Song is excellent.

Fights:  Action Sequences are well pictuarized though few are unnecessary.

Dialogues:  They are no punch dialogues in the movie. Dialogues are normal.

Music:  The BGM was good at fights and music was good at songs.

  • Songs are good
  • Music
  • Heroine glamour
  • Cinematography and locations
  • Story
  • Some vulgar quotient
  • Predictable second half
Rating: 2.25/5

Final Verdict: Stylish Romantic TimePASS Entertainer

This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.


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