Ram Charan's Yevadu Review

Analysis: The movie begins with an interesting note for the first 10mins and there on we get to know what happens next. The first half and second half are completely different and can be said they are two different stories. Ram Charan maintains a same kind of expression throughout the movie. Most of the scenes looks like they are lifted from other movies. Though the movie is neither interesting nor boring it attracts the target audience which has all ingredients that are correctly included ie the songs and fights with punch dialogues. Allu Arjun and Kajal’s appearance was good.

Ram charan: Ram Charan has done two different characters with slight variations. He continues the same kind of acting in the likes of Racha and Naayak. He is good at action sequences and dances.

Sruthi Hassan: She has been glamorous and did justice for her role within her scope.

Amy Jackson: She has not got much scope to act and her role is very less. Her role irritates to a bit.

Songs:  All songs are very good and got good response. ‘Cheliya Cheliya’ and ‘Nee Jathaga’ songs are very good.

Fights:  Action Sequences are good.

Dialogues:  They are few powerful dialogues but looks like routine. Sai Kumar’s dialogues are good.

Music:  The theme music that comes throughout the movie is very good. Music is good at songs.

  • Songs are good
  • Jayasuda and Sai Kumar’s Performance
  • Dance in Freedom song
  • Special appearance – Allu Arjun and Kajal Agarwal
  • Predictable scenes and twists
  • Some Illogical scenes
  • Poor Comedy by Brahmanandam
  • Scenes of Amy Jackson
Rating: 2.75/5

Final Verdict: Routine Mass Entertainer without Comedy

This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.


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