Nithin's Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Review

Analysis: The title itself says it’s a complete love story and it is. Entrance was normal. The movie lacks no hiccups and boring scenes. It’s interestingly picturized throughout the movie. The plot was very strong and came with a new idea. Linking of story with Pawan Kalyan’s Kushi movie scenes is brilliant. The remix song from Pawan Kalyan’s Tholiprema is major highlight of the movie and timing of the song was perfect. Story revolves around mainly 4 characters. Comedy is hilarious at few scenes though it went a bit vulgar. Dialogues were funny and short.

Nithin: His acting has been quite same since long time, and nothing great though he was improved a bit in his expressions. Nithin is usually a good dancer, but unfortunately he did a good number of steps for only one song. His dialogue delivery is normal. Nithin’s costumes are well-suited and look stylish.

Nithya Menon: She has done a fabulous performance and it was cool.

Songs:  Songs are very good, even though you are listening for the first time. Songs are picturized in good rich locations. But few songs could be choreographed much better. Jwala’s presence in the song is a big negative.

Fights:  Just 2 fight scenes, each of 1min. It was normal.

Dialogues:  Most of the dialogues are funny, straight and short.

Music:  Music was lovely and pleasant. It was not loud.

  • Remix song from Pawan kalyan’s Tholiprema ‘Yemaindho Yemo ee Vela
  • Comedy
  • Gripping story line
  • Music
  • Jwala Gutta’s presence in ‘Ding Ding Ding’ song and it could be picturized much better
  • Comedy scenes on gays
Rating: 3.25/5

Final Verdict: A complete YouthFULL Comedy Romantic Entertainer

Note: This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.

Jr N.T.R.'s Baadshah Review

Jr. NTR's Baadshah(U/A) was one of the most awaited movie of the year. NTR fans expected it to be nothing less than a BlockBuster Hit....

Analysis: Baadshah title itself  is a very powerful title and it was shown in a powerful way with diamonds. Even the name of NTR on screen was shown with diamonds. It was nice. Enterance was very routine and  it was ok. Story is nothing new and great, and moreover it seems to be like the previous Sreenu Vytla's movies. 1st half first 40mins was completely entertaining and from there onwards it seems to be routine and goes normally, even feels like little bit boring at times until interval. Entire 1st half was shot in Italy which was visually very rich to see on screen. Especially the locations are highlight. 2nd half of the movie runs with nonstop entertainment and the comedy was very hilarious. Sreenu Vytla has utilized Brahmanandam to peaks. Seems like Brahamanandam occupies equal screen time with NTR in the second half. They are too many characters with short span of screen time.

Siddu's guest role was apt and worth. Mahesh's voice over was good in his style, though it was just for 3mins only. Navadeep role was not that great.

N.T.R. : NTR's performance is as usual, did a good decent performance. We can appreciate him for his good dance movements in almost all the songs and good dialogue delivery. This time NTR had made a lot of make over in his appereance, especially in his hair style and costumes which was very good to see him in this new look. NTR has done 3 shades of characterization and for one character he has used Telangana slang which was good. NTR this time even changed his dialogue delivery a bit, which was really very good, because generally he says dialogs in high pitch volume and in a hurry manner. But here the dialogs were gud and he said them in a slow and steady manner, with a bit of change in his voice modulation. Fights are very normal, nothing great about it. Overall NTR has done a good performance in action, fights, dance and comedy.

Kajal: Kajal is very glamourous in the movie. Though she had a less role, she had done a good job with a bit of comedy. 

Songs: 1st three songs are simply superb to watch. Remaining three songs are average.

Fights: Normal

Dialogues: Superb

Music: Good, as if for all commercial movies.

  • Performances: NTR, Nassar, Brahamanandam
  • Good amount of Comedy (Brahmi, MS Narayana, Vennala Kishore)
  • NTR's Dance, especially his dance for Sr. NTR's songs
  • Dialogs
  • Rich visuals and locations
  • 3 Songs(Sairo Sairo, Diamond Girl, Baadshah)
  • Most of the scenes resembles to Sreenu Vytla's previous movies
  • Routine simple Story(1st half is normal) and few predictable scenes and climax
Rating: 3.5/5

Watchable By: All section of audience

Final Verdict: Out and Out Clean Family Action Entertainer

Note: This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.