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How to Access Wikipedia Without Internet

Do you know you can download the entire content of Wikipedia to your computer? There are many apps to get a copy of  Wikipedia for offline use. The easiest among them is the Chrome extension Offline Wiki.
Offline Wiki saves and downloads a copy of nearly all of the textual content of the English Wikipedia locally so that it can be accessed without internet connectivity. It downloadsand saves a compressed dump file and an index, the 14MB download includes a selection of around 1500 articles, while the 1GB download includes in excess of 400,000 articles.


Download  Offline Wiki and install this Chrome app. The App then downloads content from Wikipedia without prompting. By default, the app is configured to download the smaller version but you can select the larger one from the setting.

When the download is complete, it will build an index of all available articles. You can now search and browse articles without an active Internet connection, or even when Wikipedia is unavailable. 

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