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Why are Insects attracted to light?

Insects attracted to light because they think it is the Sun, or is it just that they use them as travelling reference points? 

Nobody really knows for sure, but moths/Insects are thought to use the moon as a point of reference to travel in a straight line. This might help to explain why more moths seem to be attracted to artificial lights on nights when there is no moon. If moths are drawn in very close to a bright light source they may become dazzled, due to their eyes being unable to adjust quickly enough to the sudden brightness, so will circle the light instead of flying away from it.

Who invented the Bulletproof vest?

You might imagine the inventor being someone from the Army or a policeman, but the true creator was a pizza delivery man! On July 21st, 1969, Richard Davis was delivering pizzas in Detroit when he was held up at gunpoint.
Luckily for the former marine, Davis had a gun of his own and shot two of the attackers but was hit twice himself. This incident gave him an idea for people like cops to avoid injury by wearing padding of some kind. The first prototype for the bulletproof vest was created by Davis out of a roll of nylon and the straps from his car’s seatbelt.
He went around to police stations shooting himself in the chest to demonstrate its power. Later, Davis created a second vest design using Kevlar, which is 230% stronger than nylon.

Designer Concept Chair: Chair Book

Designers of the company’s 6474, inspired by reading books, created a chair Pages. The essence of design is the ability to adjust the height of the place itself and the back, “flipping through the pages.” Design a chair shaped, has a unique, fun, colorful and aesthetically pleasing home.

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Nike+ Training System: Exercise Tracker Plus Real-Time Coach!

Personal fitness monitors do well in data collection, but disappoint while coming up with useful renditions. Users usually have no procedure to put speed, distance and calories in terms of metrics that may assist them get better over time. The Nike+ Training system boasts of being the sole monitor that records data, exercises it, and offers real-time coaching.
The system is made up of a couple of sneakers with Bluetooth-fitted sensors plus an iPhone app with pre-programmed trainings. Throughout a training session, the app sends out inspiring indications (like ‘Move faster!’) to the user. Once the session is coplete, the app analyzes the user’s stats advising him on his weak spots. The midsole of the Lunar TR1+ trainers has been developed from Nike’s lightweight shock absorbent foam. The midsole houses a printed circuit below the detachable sock liner, designed to gather data of the user’s every single step. Sports sensor adds distance and speed data from the available accelerometer, and the collective data is then shared via Bluetooth 4.0 to Nike+ app. This sensor could be charged through USB. The Nike+ app shall produce the results employing some algorithms, which could be then referred by the user to better his workout.

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Sachin Tendulkar's 100 Centuries List

1) 119* vs ENG-Manchester- fourteen Aug 1990-Draw-Test
2) 148* vs AUS-Sydney-6 Jan 1992-Draw-Test
3) 114 vs AUS-Perth-3 Feb 1992-Lost-Test
4) 111 vs SA-Johannesburg -28 Nov 1992-Draw-Test
5) 165 vs ENG-Chennai-12 Feb 1993-Won-Test
6) 104* vs SL-Colombo-31 Jul 1993-Won-Test
7) 142 vs SL-Lucknow-19 Jan 1994-Won-Test
  8) 110 vs AUS-Colombo-Sep tember 9, 1994-Won-ODI
9) 115 vs NZ-Vadodara-Oct ober 28, 1994-Won-ODI
10) 105 vs WI-Jaipur-Novem ber 11, 1994-Won-ODI
11) 179 vs WI-Nagpur-2 Dec 1994-Draw-Test
12) 112* vs SL-Sharjah-Apri l 9, 1995-Won-ODI
13) 127* vs KEN-Cuttack-Feb ruary 18, 1996-Won-ODI
14) 137 vs SL-New Delhi-March 2, 1996-Lost-ODI
15) 100 vs PAK-Singapore-A pril 5, 1996-Lost-ODI
16) 118 vs PAK-Sharjah-Apr il 15, 1996-Won-ODI
17) 122 vs ENG-Birmingham- 8 Jun 1996-Lost-Test
18) 177 vs ENG-Nottingham- 5 Jul 1996-Draw-Test
19) 110# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 28, 1996-Lost-ODI
20) 114# vs SA-Mumbai-Decem ber 14, 1996-Won-ODI
21) 169# vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 1997-Lost-Test
21) 104# vs ZIM-Benoni-Febr uary 9, 1997-Won-ODI
23) 117# vs NZ-Bangalore-Ma y 14, 1997-Won-ODI
24) 143# vs SL-Colombo-3 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
25) 139# vs SL-Colombo-11 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
26) 148# vs SL-Mumbai-4 Dec 1997-Draw-Test
27) 155* vs AUS-Chennai-9 Mar 1998-Test
28) 177 vs AUS-Bangalore-2 6 Mar 1998-Lost-Test
29) 100 vs AUS-Kanpur-Apri l 7, 1998-Won-ODI
30) 143 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 22, 1998-Lost-ODI
31) 134 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 24, 1998-Won-ODI
32) 100* vs KEN-Kolkata-May 31, 1998-Won-ODI
33) 128 vs SL-Colombo-July 7, 1998-Won-ODI
34) 127* vs ZIM-Bulawayo-Se ptember 26, 1998-Won-ODI
35) 141 vs AUS-Dhaka-Octob er 28, 1998-Won-ODI
36) 118* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 8, 1998-Won-ODI
37) 124* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 13, 1998-Won-ODI
38) 113 vs NZ-Wellington-2 9 Dec 1998-Lost-Test
39) 136 vs PAK-Chennai-31 Jan 1999-Lost-Test
40) 124* vs SL-Colombo-28 Feb 1999-Draw-Test
41) 140* vs KEN-Bristol-May 23, 1999-Won-ODI
42) 120# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 29, 1999-Won-ODI
43) 126*# vs NZ-Mohali-13 Oct 1999-Test
44) 217# vs NZ-Ahmedabad-30 Oct 1999-Draw-Test
45) 186*# vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 8, 1999-Won-ODI
46) 116# vs AUS-Melbourne-2 8 Dec 1999-Lost-Test
47) 122 vs SA-Vadodara-Mar ch 17, 2000-Won-ODI
48) 101 vs SL-Sharjah-Octo ber 20, 2000-Lost-ODI
49) 122 vs ZIM-New Delhi-21 Nov 2000-Won-Test
50) 201* vs ZIM-Nagpur-26 Nov 2000-Draw-Test
51) 146 vs ZIM-Jodhpur-Dec coal 8, 2000-Lost-ODI
52) 126 vs AUS-Chennai-20 Mar 2001-Won-Test
53) 139 vs AUS-Indore-Marc h 31, 2001-Won-ODI
54) 127* vs WI-Harare-July 4, 2001-Won-ODI
55) 101 vs SA-Johannesburg -October 5, 2001-Lost-ODI
56) 146 vs KEN-Paarl-Octob er 24, 2001-Won-ODI
57) 155 vs SA-Bloemfontein -3 Nov 2001-Lost-Test
58) 103 vs ENG-Ahmedabad-1 3 Dec 2001-Draw-Test
59) 176 vs ZIM-Nagpur-24 Feb 2002-Won-Test
60) 117 vs WI-Port of Spain-20 Apr 2002-Won-Test
61) 105* vs ENG-Chester-le- Street-July 4, 2002-N/R-ODI
62) 113 vs SL-Bristol-July 11, 2002-Won-ODI
63) 193 vs ENG-Leeds-23 Aug 2002-Won-Test
64) 176 vs WI-Kolkata-3 Nov 2002-Draw-Test
65) 152 vs NAMI-Pietermari tzburg-February 23, 2003-Won-ODI
66) 100 vs AUS-Gwalior-Oct ober 26, 2003-Won-ODI
67) 102 vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 15, 2003-Won-ODI
68) 241* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2004-Draw-Test
69) 141 vs PAK-Rawalpindi- Mar 16, 2004-Lost-ODI
70) 194* vs PAK-Multan-29 Mar 2004-Won-Test
71) 248* vs BAN-Dhaka-12 Dec 2004-Won-Test
72) 123 vs PAK-Ahmedabad-A pril 12, 2005-Lost-ODI
73) 109 vs SL-New Delhi-22 Dec 2005-Won-Test
74) 100 vs PAK-Peshawar-Fe bruary 6, 2006-Lost-ODI
75) 141* vs WI-Kuala Lumpur-Septembe r 14, 2006-Lost-ODI
76) 100* vs WI-Vadodara-Jan uary 31, 2007-Won-ODI
77) 101 vs BAN-Chittagong- nineteen May 2007-Draw-Test
78) 122* vs BAN-Mirpur-26 May 2007-Won-Test
79) 154* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2008-Lost-Test
80) 153 vs AUS-Adelaide-25 Jan 2008-Draw-Test
81) 117* vs AUS-Sydney-Marc h 2, 2008-Won-ODI
82) 109 vs AUS-Nagpur-6 Nov 2008-Won-Test
83) 103* vs ENG-Chennai-15 Dec 2008-Won-Test
84) 163* vs NZ-Christchurch -March 8, 2009-Won-ODI
85) 160 vs NZ-Hamilton-20 Mar 2009-Won-Test
86) 138 vs SL-Colombo-Sept coal 14, 2009-Won-ODI
87) 175 vs AUS-Hyderabad-N ovember 5, 2009-Lost-ODI
88) 100* vs SL-Ahmedabad-20 Nov 2009-Draw-Test
89) 105* vs BAN-Chittagong- eighteen Jan 2010-Won-Test
90) 143 vs BAN-Mirpur-25 Jan 2010-Won-Test
91) 100 vs SA-Nagpur-9 Feb 2010-Lost-Test
92) 106 vs SA-Kolkata-15 Feb 2010-Won-Test
93) 200* vs SA-Gwalior-Febr uary 24, 2010-Won-ODI
94) 203 vs SL-Colombo-28 Jul 2010-Draw-Test
95) 214 vs AUS-Bangalore-1 1 Oct 2010-Won-Test
96) 111* vs SA-Centurion-19 Dec 2010-Lost-Test
97) 146 vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 2011-Draw-Test
98) 120 vs ENG-Bangalore-F ebruary 27, 2011-Tied-ODI
99) 111 vs SA-Nagpur-March 12, 2011-Lost-ODI
100* vs BAN-Mirpur-16 March,2012- (ODI)
*denotes which he remained not out.
#denotes which he was a captain of a Indian group in which match.

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All Telecom Operators Balance Transfer Tricks

1. Airtel Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the Steps below:

Step1: SMS GIFT amount friend number [eg: GIFT 50 9908080323]
Step2: You will recieve a message saying you have that your amount has been transferred to 9908XXXXXX
Minimum Balance Rs.1/-
Terms and Conditions apply for transferring balance. This trick works only in some states please try this trick with low balance first and go for bigger amount.

2. Tata Docomo Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the steps below:

Step1: SMS “BT Mobile Number Amount” and send it to 54321

[eg: BT 72078XXXXX 50]
Step2: To reverse the Amount a Member needs to type “ RBT Transaction ID” and send it to 54321
Charges Rs.1 and for reversal will be Toll Free.
Terms and Conditions:
The sender’s account balance for “Balance Transfer” has to be Transfer Amount + Rs.1 at the time of transfer. If balance is not sufficient the transfer will be declined. However, the SMS will be charged.
In case of Reversals the amount reversed will be dependent on the balance available with the recipient.
The system will recognize “BT” or “bt” or “Bt”
So be careful before texting.

3. Idea Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the below Steps:

Step1: Dial *567*friend mobile number*amount#

[eg:*567 *9092 XXXXXX*50#]
Terms and Conditions: You Will Be Charged Rs/- 2 For this Method.

4. BSNL Prepiad Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the steps below:

Step1: SMS " GIFT friend Bsnl number amount " to 53733 or 53738

[eg: GIFT 949XXXXXXX 50 ]
Terms and Conditions apply.

5. Vodafone Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Dial *131*Amount*friend vodafone mobile no#

[eg: *131*50*9052XXXXXX#]
Terms and conditions: Charges Rs.1/- for balance transfer

6. Uninor Balance Transfer Trick

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Choose the amount to transfer.

Step2: Dial *202*friend mobile number*amount#
[eg: *202*962XXXXXXX*50#]
Finish your amount has been transferred.
Terms and Conditions: Minimum balance should be Rs.5/-


1. Balance Transfer Trick is only available to their networks only like airtel to airtel , vodafone to vodafone etc..
2. Terms and conditions apply for balance transfer
3. Minimum Balance should be Rs.1/- in all indian sims.

Balance transfers for Aircel, Reliance, Virgin, Videocon, T24 are still not released officially. 

Their tricks will be posted when released officially.

Korean Twin Towers

Architects have designed a pair of apartment towers in South Korea that are unbelievably reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center.

These incredible pictures show how Dutch architecture firm MVRDV somehow managed to design the eerie 260-metre and 300-metre towers next to each other, connected by a ‘pixelated cloud’. And in a good contender for quote of  the year, a company statement insists they did not ‘see the resemblance during the design process’ for the buildings - due to be completed in Seoul in 2015. 

Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has designed a pair of apartment towers in South Korea that are unbelievably reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks on the World TradeCentre 

Plans: MVRDV designed a 260-metre and 300-metre tower next to each other, joined by a 'pixelated cloud'
The luxury residential towers have been named ‘The Cloud’, with one reaching 260 metres or 54 floors and the other covering 60 floors over 300 metres. The total surface area is 128,000 sq metres.

The ‘cloud' is housed in a 10-floor tall structure positioned halfway up the structures, and the towers feature a fitness studio, pools, restaurants, cafes and a conference center.

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How to Access Wikipedia Without Internet

Do you know you can download the entire content of Wikipedia to your computer? There are many apps to get a copy of  Wikipedia for offline use. The easiest among them is the Chrome extension Offline Wiki.
Offline Wiki saves and downloads a copy of nearly all of the textual content of the English Wikipedia locally so that it can be accessed without internet connectivity. It downloadsand saves a compressed dump file and an index, the 14MB download includes a selection of around 1500 articles, while the 1GB download includes in excess of 400,000 articles.


Download  Offline Wiki and install this Chrome app. The App then downloads content from Wikipedia without prompting. By default, the app is configured to download the smaller version but you can select the larger one from the setting.

When the download is complete, it will build an index of all available articles. You can now search and browse articles without an active Internet connection, or even when Wikipedia is unavailable. 

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