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Why are Insects attracted to light?

Insects attracted to light because they think it is the Sun, or is it just that they use them as travelling reference points? 

Nobody really knows for sure, but moths/Insects are thought to use the moon as a point of reference to travel in a straight line. This might help to explain why more moths seem to be attracted to artificial lights on nights when there is no moon. If moths are drawn in very close to a bright light source they may become dazzled, due to their eyes being unable to adjust quickly enough to the sudden brightness, so will circle the light instead of flying away from it.

Who invented the Bulletproof vest?

You might imagine the inventor being someone from the Army or a policeman, but the true creator was a pizza delivery man! On July 21st, 1969, Richard Davis was delivering pizzas in Detroit when he was held up at gunpoint.
Luckily for the former marine, Davis had a gun of his own and shot two of the attackers but was hit twice himself. This incident gave him an idea for people like cops to avoid injury by wearing padding of some kind. The first prototype for the bulletproof vest was created by Davis out of a roll of nylon and the straps from his car’s seatbelt.
He went around to police stations shooting himself in the chest to demonstrate its power. Later, Davis created a second vest design using Kevlar, which is 230% stronger than nylon.

Designer Concept Chair: Chair Book

Designers of the company’s 6474, inspired by reading books, created a chair Pages. The essence of design is the ability to adjust the height of the place itself and the back, “flipping through the pages.” Design a chair shaped, has a unique, fun, colorful and aesthetically pleasing home.

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Nike+ Training System: Exercise Tracker Plus Real-Time Coach!

Personal fitness monitors do well in data collection, but disappoint while coming up with useful renditions. Users usually have no procedure to put speed, distance and calories in terms of metrics that may assist them get better over time. The Nike+ Training system boasts of being the sole monitor that records data, exercises it, and offers real-time coaching.
The system is made up of a couple of sneakers with Bluetooth-fitted sensors plus an iPhone app with pre-programmed trainings. Throughout a training session, the app sends out inspiring indications (like ‘Move faster!’) to the user. Once the session is coplete, the app analyzes the user’s stats advising him on his weak spots. The midsole of the Lunar TR1+ trainers has been developed from Nike’s lightweight shock absorbent foam. The midsole houses a printed circuit below the detachable sock liner, designed to gather data of the user’s every single step. Sports sensor adds distance and speed data from the available accelerometer, and the collective data is then shared via Bluetooth 4.0 to Nike+ app. This sensor could be charged through USB. The Nike+ app shall produce the results employing some algorithms, which could be then referred by the user to better his workout.

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