Thadaka Review

Analysis: Both Nag Chaitanya and Sunil introductions were very normal. Movie begins with a song. Heroines are introduced by the end of the song. Though its a remake story the director have shown much interest on other areas like songs and action sequences. Songs and action sequences along with heroines glamour are the backbone elements of the movie. The screenplay is neither interesting nor boring. Ashutosh Rana's perforamance and his dialogues were excellent. Comedy is Ok.

Naga chaitanya: His acting has been improved after a long time. He was cool and tried to look stylish. Dialogue delivery was same as past.

Sunil: Sunil has done a good performance, but did not look like a hero.
Tamanna: She was very glamourous in the movie. She has a bit bigger role than Andrea.She has done a good job within her limitation and has no scope for performance.
Andrea Jeremiah: She has done a very short span of role. Looked glamorous. 
Songs: Songs are good while watching.

Fights:  Fights have shown a very positive impact on the movie. Fights are choreographed very well.

Dialogues:  Dialogues are good.

Music:  Music was normal.

  • Songs, especially Nag Chaitanya’s and Tamanna’s ‘Mara O Mara’ song is nice
  • Action Sequences
  • Ashutosh Rana's perforamance
  • Direction
  • Few predictable scenes
Rating: 3/5

Watchable By: All section of audience

Final Verdict: A Routine Commercial Remake Entertainer

This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.

Venky's Shadow Review

Analysis:  The movie is not at all powerful as of the title. In the first 10mins of movie, one can predict the basic story of the entire movie. Even most of the scenes are predictable, senseless and illogical. Parody scene of GabbarSingh anthyakshari scene is wasted. This movie is completely a mixture of pale comedy, tearless sentiment and routine action with songs.

Venkatesh: Venkatesh performance is not upto the mark. Venkatesh acting as a child is utterly dissapointed. His hair style had a negative impact. It doesnt suit him at all. His costumes are good but most of them doesnt suit him.

Srikanth: His presence neither brought any positive nor negative impact. His dialogue delivery was weak.

Taapsee Pannu: She was glamourous. Her scope was limited to songs only.

Songs:  Songs are shot in rich locations, but not picturized much effectively.

Fights:  Fights are not effective at all. Very normal and routine.

Dialogues: Does not show any impact.

Music:  Music was loud and not soothing. 

  • Rich production values
  • Comedy (M.S. Narayana, J.P.)
  • Predictable story line
  • Poor comedy by Venkatesh
  • Poor Sentiment
Rating: 1.75/5

Final Verdict:  Instead of this Shadow, watch your Shadow

Note: This review is completely based on my opinion. Individual opinions may vary from one to one.