Lizard Falling Effects

This is the lizard mythology which is being believed by most of the South Indians.These things may or may not happen.There are no scientific studies or logical conclusions available on this mythology.

Lizard Falling Effect on Men
Head                           Be ready for disputes / Clashes
Top head                     Afraid of death
Face                           Expect financial profits
Left eye                      You have a good news
Right eye                     Un-successful / Fail / Lost
Forehead                     Lack of involvement / Separation
Right cheek                 You have a bad news
Left ear                       Beneficial / Income
Upper Lip                    Be ready for disputes
Lower Lip                    Expect financial profits
Both lips together         Fear of death / Be ready for death news
Mouth                          Fear of bad health condition
Left of the backside     Victory / Gain
Night dreams                Fear of king or Ruler
Wrist                           Beautification / Modification
Arm                             Financial loss / Failure
Fingers                         Expect visitors and old friends
Right arm                    Trouble / Complexity
Left arm                      May bring shame on you
Thighs                         Loss of clothing
Mustache                     Difficult time ahead
Foot                            Difficult time ahead
Back foot                    Get ready for a journey
Toes                            Physical illness

Lizard Falling Effect on Women
Head                           Afraid of death
Hair Knot                     Worry about sickness
Left eye                      Get love from your man
Right eye                    Creates mental stress
Right cheek                 Male child may born
Upper Right ear           Expect financial profits
Upper lip                     Be ready for disputes
Lower lip                    You'll get new things
Both lips together        Ready to face difficulties
Backside                      Expect death news
Nails                           Conflicts / Arguments
Hands                          Expect financial profits
Left hand                    Creates mental stress
Fingers                        Get ornaments
Right arm                    Romance ahead
Shoulders                    Getting ornaments
Thighs                         Expect romance
Knees                         Fondness / Affection
Ankle                          Complexity / Trouble
Calf of the leg             Expect visitors
Right leg                    You will be defeated / Loss
Toes                           Male child may born


Yesterday night on Feb 30th, a Lion fell on my neck when I was sleeping eating Lion dates. Then a lizard fell on the Lion's tail. A butterfly then landed on the lazy lizard. What does it mean.


if lizard fallen on (man) back side of left ear exactly, while sleeping in the Saturday night exactly 11:14 PM on man, then i took lizard with my left hand leaved it beside it was went of ....

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what was the result plz tell me any one knows...


very small lizard fallen on me (man) while sleeping on Saturday night at 11:14 pm on back side of the left ear exactly, then i took unknowingly lizard with my left hand leaved went away...

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